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Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Water Permit Application Site!

  • All permits submitted to the DNR start at our Intake stage and are visible here only after they have moved to the Reviewer stage
  • Permits with status of Pending are under review.
  • Select an application to view files related to a permit.
  • to return to the main Water Permit Application Site.
  • Create a new permit application



Steve Brueggeman;Steve Brueggeman, Town of FreedomWaterway ProtectionOutagamie700Pending
Andrew MillerWaterway ProtectionBurnett303Pending
Steve Menning Waterway ProtectionIowa0Pending
Daniel NonkeeWaterway ProtectionIowa0Pending
Ryan McGinnisStorm WaterBrown235Approved
Robert Jakel;City of Kaukauna/Robert JakelWaterway ProtectionOutagamie603Approved
Richard Nebel;Robert & Nancy FriebelWaterway ProtectionDoor733Pending
Bryce Richardson;Dan Kammel, Kammel Bros.Waterway ProtectionLa Crosse0Approved
Bryce Richardson;Scott BrensteinWaterway ProtectionLa Crosse0Approved
Dennis Hutchison;Dennis Hutchison, Wisconsin DNRWaterway ProtectionClark0Approved
Richard TreuWaterway ProtectionBuffalo0Approved
Alan D. TrippStorm WaterMarathon140Pending
James ColburnStorm WaterMarathon235Approved
Paul Klister;Ballard Properties LLC/Paul KlisterWaterway ProtectionOutagamie800Approved
Greenfield Loren;Richard Greenfield, Hilltop DairyWetland IdentificationGreen Lake300Approved
James Engelhardt;Lonna Klinke, City of GreenwoodWetland IdentificationClark300Approved
Robert Kurszewski;Robert Kurszewski, Village of RosholtWaterway ProtectionPortage500Pending
Denis Del PonteWaterway ProtectionVilas603Approved
Aaron Holdt;Tim Finger, Holy Trinity Catholic ChurchWetland IdentificationOconto300Pending
Jim StaplesWaterway ProtectionVilas603Approved