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Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Water Permit Application Site!

  • Permits with status of Pending are under review.
  • Select an application to view files related to a permit.
  • to return to the main Water Permit Application Site.
  • Create a new permit application



Gary TarasewiczWaterway ProtectionBayfield500Pending
Mike KuckenWaterway ProtectionPortage603Pending
Flambeau Mining CompanyWaterway ProtectionRusk803Pending
Flambeau Mining CompanyWaterway ProtectionRusk1206Pending
Art DumkeWaterway ProtectionWinnebago603Pending
Elizabeth DoyleWaterway ProtectionCrawford0Pending
Tom HalquistWaterway ProtectionWaukesha733Pending
Jessica RizzoloWaterway ProtectionCrawford0Pending
Wood County Highway DepartmentWaterway ProtectionWood0Pending
Wood County Highway DepartmentWaterway ProtectionWood0Pending
Town of AshippunWaterway ProtectionDodge0Pending
William LundWaterway ProtectionCrawford0Pending
Robert YungWaterway ProtectionBurnett303Pending
William Berg;Brown County Public WorksWaterway ProtectionBrown0Pending
Town of Sioux CreekWaterway ProtectionBarron0Pending
Jason SammonsWaterway ProtectionSauk303Pending
John Wiegman Jr.Waterway ProtectionGrant0Approved
Stacy PotterWaterway ProtectionWinnebago303Approved
Edward RippleyWaterway ProtectionBuffalo0Pending
Stuart JorenbyWaterway ProtectionIowa0Pending