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Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Water Permit Application Site!

  • All permits submitted to the DNR start at our Intake stage and are visible here only after they have moved to the Reviewer stage
  • Permits with status of Pending are under review.
  • Select an application to view files related to a permit.
  • to return to the main Water Permit Application Site.
  • Create a new permit application

​​​ Weber;Michael and Katie Ann WeberWaterway ProtectionMilwaukee733Pending4920 N Lake Drive Erosion Control IP GainLivestock OperationsKewauneePendingSubstrait Receiving Tank KennedyStorm WaterMilwaukee140PendingCreekside Crossing Apartments PetersonStorm WaterWashburn350ApprovedWSSCO Reports/SW-NT-NE-2021-5-X10-19T12-22-25Troy AndersonStorm WaterBrownReceivedMenards Campus Improvements DANES;John WildeWaterway ProtectionCalumet303Pendinghartman Seidl;Tom HowardWetland IdentificationKenosha0ApprovedALDI Kenosha Improvements Zembo;Cathy MorettoWaterway ProtectionDouglas500PendingBrody Zembo JossartStorm WaterBrown235PendingRockland Heights Condominiums HillStorm WaterRock0PendingNorthstar Medical Radioisotopes Llc Meadows Dairy LLC;Joshua VerbetenLivestock OperationsBrownPendingUnited Meadows Permit Renewal Meadows Dairy LLC;Joshua VerbetenLivestock OperationsBrownPendingUnited Meadows Permit Renewal SlegerStorm WaterManitowoc140ApprovedAll Engergy Management Site Plan KasumWaterway ProtectionOzaukee303WithdrawnKasum Riprap GensonWaterway ProtectionBrown0ApprovedWPS Q2107105002 West Green Bay ILI Digs BarlamentStorm WaterBrown350ApprovedBarlament Fill Site Reimer;John Reimer, Dane CountyWaterway ProtectionDane603PendingSix Mile Creek (Mary Lake) Sediment Removal Reinartz;Guy & Jane CoraggioWetland IdentificationWaukesha300PendingCoraggio property, Lisbon WI Meyer;Dave Meyer-Dan TorresinWetland IdentificationKenosha0PendingTorresin commercial Kenosha Gerber;David MosherWaterway ProtectionGreen500PendingMonroe Country Club Golf Course