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Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Water Permit Application Site!

  • All permits submitted to the DNR start at our Intake stage and are visible here only after they have moved to the Reviewer stage
  • Permits with status of Pending are under review.
  • Select an application to view files related to a permit.
  • to return to the main Water Permit Application Site.
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​​​ Carlson;Lake Noquebay Sedge Meadow SNAAquatic Plant ManagementMarinette70PendingLake Noquebay and Sedge Meadow GBT BlumStorm WaterMilwaukee250GrantedPhase IV Infrastructure - Mayfair Collection Reports/SW-MS-SC-2023-54-X03-23T14-55-37Turtle TownStorm WaterRockReceived2022 Annual Report MAINStorm WaterRacine350ApprovedSpace Squared Self Storage KlisterStorm WaterBrown250PendingCity East Apartments - Multiple Parcels HennenStorm WaterMilwaukee0PendingFredman Bag Co. M Schmidt and Sons IncLivestock OperationsDodgePendingJM Schmidt and Sons DAIRY INCLivestock OperationsBarronPendingScheps New Fields Brothers LLCLivestock OperationsChippewaPendingMahr Brothers Field Addition Dairy IncLivestock OperationsMonroePendingMDS Dairy Inc. Source LLCLivestock OperationsBrownPendingCalf Source NMP Update Reports/SW-NT-SC-2023-13-X03-23T17-34-03Robert PhillipsStorm WaterDaneReceivedSouth Park Street to Gilson Street/New Cedar St 2022 Reports/SW-NT-SC-2023-13-X03-23T17-27-11Robert PhillipsStorm WaterDaneReceivedGarver Path (Sugar Avenue - Milwaukee Street) Ray;Southern WI Veterans Memorial CemeteryAquatic Plant ManagementRacine45PendingSouthern WI Veterans Memorial Cemetery Vaccarello;Booth LakeAquatic Plant ManagementWalworth695ApprovedBooth Lake Sass;Laura Sass, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS)Waterway ProtectionLincoln0ApprovedWPS Q-2024-105139 N23004 TOM EST 243 MAINLINE RECONFIGURATION ELECTRIC PROJECT Sondergaard;Racine Country ClubAquatic Plant ManagementRacine120PendingRacine Country Club UdelhofenStorm WaterKenosha350GrantedSilver Lake Solar Schwartz;Katie Schwartz, Town of Grand ChuteWaterway ProtectionOutagamie500ApprovedClairemont Drive Extension & Utility Construction Ponderosa LLCLivestock OperationsShawanoPendingBonnin Storage Addition