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Restarting the signature confirmation process 
The Wisconsin Department of Natural resources allows electronic signatures for permit application submissions.  A federal law requires that the signature process demonstrates the following features:
  • The person signing an application is authorized to sign for it and assume responsibility for the project.
  • The department of natural resources properly identifies the person attempting to sign the application.
  • The signee has an ability to review a copy of the application to be signed prior to completing the process.
  • The signee has the ability to reject items being signed.
  • The department of natural resources will maintain the integrity of the signed items and electronic signature.
During this process you may encounter one of the following problems:
  • The signature process was cancelled while finalizing the signature by selecting cancel instead of sign document from the drop down box.
  • You entered an incorrect or expired one time signature code.
  • You are unable to locate the original signature email sent by the system.
To resign the application and resend a signature confirmation:
  1. On the Welcome Page,  Locate the "Signature Confirmation Needed" section (see example below).
  2. Locate the project name for the desired application.
  3. Select the email address under the "Confirmation sent to" column.
  4. The system will open a confirmation screen, and you must select continue to proceed.
  5. Open you WAMS account email and open the new confirmation email.
  6. Complete the instructions in the confirmation email.

Welcome Page Example:


Instructional videos for addition assistance with the signature or application process