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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Livestock Public Notices

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 Active Permit Applications (Under review without a decision)

Last Comment DateHearing Requested
AG-NMP-NE-2019-43-X01-17T14-09-31Sunrise Dairy LLCOconto2/1/2019No
AG-NMP-SE-2019-46-X01-17T12-06-37Melichar Broad Acres, LLCOzaukee2/1/2019No
AG-NMP-WC-2019-6-X01-15T11-55-42Mar Bec Dairy LLCBuffalo1/30/2019No
AG-NMP-NE-2019-31-X01-14T10-26-04Kinnard Farms IncKewaunee1/28/2019No
AG-NMP-NE-2018-31-X12-12T07-36-38El Na Farms LLCKewaunee1/28/2019No
AG-NMP-WC-2019-10-X01-10T16-27-43Bach Farms LLCClark1/25/2019No
AG-NMP-NO-2019-3-X01-06T17-59-18SCHEPS DAIRY INCBarron1/23/2019No
AG-NMP-NE-2019-43-X01-07T14-55-25Blaser Farms IncOconto1/22/2019No
AG-NMP-SC-2019-14-X01-04T15-37-59Crave Brothers Farm LLCDodge1/21/2019No
AG-NMP-SE-2018-65-X12-13T15-18-30Snudden Farms LLCWalworth12/28/2018No

 Final Determinations

Application Applicant County Status
AG-NMP-NO-2018-34-X12-31T12-08-03SPRING BREEZE DAIRY, LLCApproved
AG-NMP-SC-2019-28-X01-03T11-53-38Deans Eggs dba Nature Link Farms, LLCApproved
AG-NMP-SC-2018-13-X12-28T10-55-27Daybreak Foods Inc Lake Mills ComplexApproved
AG-NMP-NE-2019-20-X01-03T10-29-32Murph Ko Farms INCDismissed
AG-NMP-NE-2019-20-X01-03T10-29-32_BR3YO7Murph Ko Farms INCDismissed
AG-NMP-NO-2018-34-X12-07T06-59-04SPRING BREEZE DAIRY, LLCApproved
AG-NMP-SC-2018-28-X12-17T14-56-40Deans Eggs dba Nature Link Farms, LLCApproved
AG-NMP-SC-2018-22-X12-17T08-41-29Platte River Pigs LLCApproved
AG-NMP-SE-2018-52-X12-13T13-30-17Maple Leaf Farms Downy Duck FarmApproved
AG-NMP-SC-2018-54-X12-13T11-22-37Rock Prairie Dairy LLCApproved
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