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Department of Natural Resources Livestock Operations 

Substantial Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) Changes


Facility Information

CRANBERRY CREEK DAIRY LLC - 0065790E7803 90th Ave, Mondovi
Dunn County

Public Comments

Public Comments and requests for hearings can be submitted before the due date of : 06-24-2015

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Stage: Review
File NameFile SizeCreatedModifiedFile Link
1 590 Assessment Report_35966.pdf82K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
2 Compliance Check Report_35966.pdf37K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
3 Field Map_35966.pdf3,991K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
4 Landowners_35966.pdf122K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
5 Manure Analysis_35966.pdf58K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
6 NMP REV 3400 FORM_35966.pdf408K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
7 NOTICE OF PROPOSED MODIFICATION_35966.pdf214K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
8 Other_Substantial Revision Narrative_35966.pdf139K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
9 Restriction Maps_35966.pdf6,999K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
10 Soil Maps_35966.pdf7,062K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
11 Soil Restriction Maps_35966.pdf4,253K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
12 Soil Test Report_35966.pdf36K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
13 Sorted By Crop Report_35966.pdf107K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item
14 Topo Maps_35966.pdf3,443K3/6/20183/6/2018Download Item